Development Opportunities

Development opportunities for aspiring consultants creating social change

About the Programme


What is DEVOPS?

Development Opportunities (DEVOPS) is an innovative professional development programme to build the necessary skills for potential development trainee consultants to support social and economic change in Myanmar. It is a one-year programme and run by the British Council Myanmar.

What does the programme aim?

DEVOPS aims to establish a competitive scheme to build a national consultancy resource in Myanmar. It targets to develop key consulting skills, experience and knowledge to enable participants to deliver consultancy services on future development assistance projects.

What does the programme cover?

All participants will benefit from:

  • An induction course and introduction to consulting terminology and skills.
  • A series of workshops on the following areas:
    - Civil Society
    - Education for Development
    - Political Economy Analysis
    - Rule of Law
    - Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Mentoring and informal learning from British Council management consultants to develop their skills, experience and knowledge in the field on a number of assignments. 
  • Development programme experience through field-based assignments, with the guidance and support by mentors, to put their newly learned skills into practice.

How long has it been running?

The British Council, Myanmar has been conducting DEVOPS for two years. The first batch has been running since October 2014 and will finish by the end of September, 2015. The second batch has been running since August 2015 and will finish by the end of July 2016.

Applying for the Programme


Who can apply?

The programme is open to Myanmar nationals studying or having graduated at MSc/MA level in the following sectors:

  • Education
  • Justice and Rule of Law
  • Civil Society Strengthening
  • Economic Development

What are the selection criteria?

In order to be considered for a place on the DEVOPS, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • High academic ability
  • High standard of written and spoken English Language ability (IELTS 6.5 or equivalent)
  • Proven commitment to positive change (for self, community, country)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills (good listening skills, charisma, passion to work with different people, diplomatic skills, unbiased nature, good networking skills, team spirit, empathy, sense of humour, open mind)
  • Organizational ability (planning and implementation, deadlines, self-disciplines, time-management)
  • Communication skills (facilitating, training, interviewing, listening, presenting)
  • Ability to think creatively and independently (analytical, inquisitive, able to solve problems)
  • Availability and flexibility throughout the programme, which will be up to 12 months

How many candidates are selected every year?

There are a limited number of places available for this programme every year. More or less ten participants are selected through application followed by personal interviews for those on the short list.

Information for Application and Inquiries

The application for 2015-2016 year has been close already. The application for 2016-2017 will be announced in May, 2016.