Skills for Social Entrepreneurs (SfSE) is a global programme operated by the British Council and its partners. It supports organisations known as social enterprises which employ business approaches to meet social and environmental needs and make a positive impact in their communities.

Aims of SfSE

SfSE provides aspiring and practising social entrepreneurs, NGO practitioners, community leaders, development workers and young people with skills training and professional mentoring to help build successful social enterprises. It also provide access to UK expertise, global peer networks and funding opportunities.

The programme forms partnerships with national and international organisations, businesses and social investors that fund, mentor and support social enterprises.

In addition, SfSE organises public-engagement activities and policy dialogues which promote the social enterprise model as well as social innovation, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable economic development at local, national and international levels.

The programme showcases UK best practice and prominence in the sector, supports the development of CSR, social innovation and social enterprise in participating countries. Through such initiatives we help foster dialogue and partnerships between social entrepreneurs in the UK and participating countries.

SfSE in Burma

The programme was launched in Burma in 2011 and is focused on research and raising awareness for the emerging Social Enterprise sector in the country. The British Council has hosted a series of events and visits to publicise the sector, including regional study visits which have bought Social Entrepreneurs Social Entrepreneurs from across East Asia and the UK together to share and learn from each other.

The Social Enterprise Symposium in October 2012 was the first public event dedicated to establishing greater understanding of the role that Social Enterprise can play in fostering inclusive economic and social development. The Social Enterprise Mapping study was also the first piece of dedicated research that has been carried out on the potential of the sector in Burma.

Our partners

Skills for Social Entrepreneurs in Burma is delivered through a number of partnerships including the Burma Business Executives, Hamsa Hub, MMRD and PS Business School.

For more information about the Skills for Social Entrepreneurs programme in Burma please contact Mi Mi Myo Win.

For more information and interesting articles about the British Council’s work in Social Enterprise globally please visit our partner site, part of the Guardian’s Social Enterprise network.


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