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Julia Ayscough

Secondary Academic Manager

"I have been teaching English for over four years in Ecuador, Vietnam and now Myanmar. I love living here and it’s been my favourite place to teach. The students are so bright, inquisitive and full of energy. I always leave the classroom feeling inspired. I encourage my students to be autonomous, think critically and be creative. When I am not teaching you will find me hiking in a forest or swimming in the sea."

Eliza Romey

Young Learner Courses Manager


Eliza is from Australia and has over twenty years of teaching and language course management experience in Australia, the Czech Republic, and South East Asia. Her interests include helping teachers understand how children learn languages and how to use this information to best effect in the classroom to develop their skills. She also acts as a diploma Local Tutor and as Course Director for a Young Learners course.

Paul McManus

Primary Academic Manager