Read more about some of our product heads

Jennifer Scully

Adult Courses Manager

MA PDLE, DELTA, CELTA, Celta YL extension

Jenni is from the UK and has over 12 years of teaching and language course management experience in the UK, Indonesia, Colombia and Myanmar. Her interests include supporting student learning with teaching technologies and encouraging students to develop learning and language skills to meet the demands of the modern world. She also acts as a Local Tutor for teachers studying for their language teaching diplomas.

Eliza Romey

Young Learner Courses Manager


Eliza is from Australia and has over twenty years of teaching and language course management experience in Australia, the Czech Republic, and South East Asia. Her interests include helping teachers understand how children learn languages and how to use this information to best effect in the classroom to develop their skills. She also acts as a diploma Local Tutor and as Course Director for a Young Learners course.

Thomas Campbell

Adult Coordinator

"I’m from the UK and have been teaching English since 2008. I have worked in language schools in England, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and in British Council centres in South Korea, Colombia and now in Myanmar. I have a young learners certification and the Delta and my focus is on adult students, encouraging them to learn beyond the classroom. I’ve recently arrived in Yangon and in my walks to work. I have enjoyed seeing the city and I’m also looking forward to travelling around Myanmar."