Is your organisation set up to have a social impact?

Do you utilise (or want to) a ‘business approach’ in order to achieve your goal?

Do you want to participate in a project that can help you and your organisation gain practical business advice and support in order to achieve sustainable social impact?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then the British Council’s Capacity Building for Social Enterprise programme might be for you.

What is the project?

It is funded by the British Council with the aim of supporting social enterprises; organisations that utilise a business approach to achieve a social impact or mission.

The project is being delivered in partnership with Challenges Worldwide, a charity and social enterprise that helps small businesses develop their skills and support them to grow.

It gives you the opportunity to have your organisation reviewed by a team of local Myanmar trainee business advisers, led by an experienced Challenges Worldwide International Business Associate. A confidential diagnostic assessment report will be provided to you and you will have the opportunity to work with the team over a period of three months to help address any business areas identified which could assist growth and long term viability supporting increased social impact.

How can I be considered for inclusion?

Firstly, the definition of your organisation is not important; you might be for-profit company, an NGO or a training centre. The most important criteria for involvement in the project is that your organisation exists primarily to have a social impact.

Secondly your organisation must be utilising a business approach to achieving your social impact. It might be that you sell a product or service which supports employment of a marginalised group, or that the product or service that you sell is itself having a positive social impact. Organisations that are currently not utilising a business approach, but who are interested in doing so, are also eligible to apply for the project, you will just need to explain how a business approach might be utilised in your organisation.

In order to apply to be part of the project, please submit the ‘expression of interest’ form (which can be downloaded below) to Khine Thiha Phoo (

Please submit your expression of interest by 3 April (Monday) 2017.  


About the British Council’s Skills for Social Entrepreneurs programme

Skills for Social Entrepreneurs (SfSE) is a global programme operated by the British Council and its partners. It supports organisations known as social enterprises which employ business approaches to meet social and environmental needs and make a positive impact in their communities.

SfSE provides aspiring and practising social entrepreneurs, NGO practitioners, community leaders, development workers and young people with skills training and professional mentoring to help build successful social enterprises. It also provide access to UK expertise, global peer networks and funding opportunities.

Find out more.

About Challenges World Wide

Challenges Worldwide is a pioneering not for profit social enterprise and charity. Our core purpose is to help alleviate poverty in low and middle income countries by supporting entrepreneurs and enterprises to strengthen their skills and abilities. We believe that by helping businesses develop we support economic growth and social outcomes that have a lasting positive impact on communities.