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Improve your skills for the world of work with our Professional Business Skills courses.

Specially designed to help you operate in business environments, our Professional Business Skills (PBS) courses draw upon the British Council’s expertise in business skills teaching to equip you with the language and skills you need to succeed.  

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Give yourself the skills to fully develop in specific areas of business, whether in delivering presentations, writing effective emails, or communicating better with important clients and colleagues. Our course will enhance your performance, develop your confidence and be one step closer to achieving your professional career goals. 

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Put new skills into action instantly through realistic and authentic communicative activities, case studies and action plans to use in the workplace. 

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Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are here to guide you through the next stage of your professional development, with detailed feedback and individual attention to help you get the most from the course. 

Course Overview (24 hours) 

Our PBS course aims to develop your communication skills required in the workplace. The course focuses on two key business skill areas: Interpersonal Communication Skills and Presentation Skills.  

Presentation Skills 

Interpersonal Communication Skills 

Craft relevant, complete presentations that achieve desired outcomes based on detailed understanding of audience needs and expectations. Communicate effectively based on clear, detailed understanding gained through mindful listening, paraphrasing and questioning
Give clear, concise, coherent presentations that encourage and enable the audience to take appropriate, timely action. 
Adapt verbal, visual and vocal communication to different contexts to build and maintain rapport with stakeholders.
Engage presentation audiences from the start through targeted verbal, vocal and visual techniques.  Deliver complete, clear, and coherent spoken messages that encourage and enable listeners to take appropriate, timely action. 

English level requirement

Intermediate and above

Course fee and course length:  

Prices starting from MMK 17,000 per hour

One course will last 2 months, with 2 classes per week and 1.5 hours per class.   Each course is 24 hours in duration.

Where is this course taught?

Online Classes will be availabe in after-office hours.