Read more about some of our product heads

Julia Ayscough

Secondary Academic Manager

I've been teaching English for over 10 years, working in Ecuador, Vietnam and Myanmar. I completed the Delta in 2018, with a focus on teaching Secondary students. I’ve been with the British Council Myanmar for 6 years and I love teaching Myanmar students. They are bright and inquisitive, and I always leave the classroom feeling inspired. I encourage my students to be autonomous, think critically, and be creative. When I am not teaching you will find me hiking in a forest or swimming in the sea.

Paul McManus

Primary Academic Manager

Hi, I'm Paul. I'm the Academic manager for primary which I really enjoy because I love embracing and inspiring the energy, motivation, imagination, and creativity younger learners bring to the classroom. I've been teaching primary aged learners for 12 years in 6 different countries and have taught learners from a vast array of cultures and backgrounds.

Patrick Higgins

Academic Manager Adults

I'm the Academic Manager for Adult courses.  I work to ensure our courses are relevant and responsive to our students' needs and interests. I enjoy teaching and helping students develop communicative skills that will aid in their future lives and careers. I have been teaching English since 2009 across multiple countries -- and in Myanmar specifically with the British Council since 2017.