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Our teaching centres are currently closed due to Covid-19. Until they reopen, Secondary Plus lessons will be delivered online. Our priority is always to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers, our employees and the communities in which we operate.


ဤစာမျက်နှာအား မြန်မာဘာသာဖြင့်ဖတ်ရှုလိုပါက ဤနေရာ ကိုနှိပ်ပါ။

What is Secondary Plus?

Secondary Plus is a global product carefully designed by our team of education experts who really know what gets teenagers learning. It’s fun, practical, challenging, and hands-on. Your child will be immersed in an English environment, do motivating projects, and develop the skills needed for today’s world.

Course information

  • Course Levels

    • Secondary Plus 1 (Age 13-15)
    • Secondary Plus 2 (Age 13-15)
    • Secondary Plus 3 (Age 13-15)
    • Secondary Plus 4 (Age 13-15)
    • Upper Secondary Plus 1 (Age 16-17)
    • Upper Secondary Plus 2 (Age 16-17)
    • Upper Secondary Plus 3 (Age 16-17)
    • Upper Secondary Plus 4 (Age 16-17)
  • Course Format

    • 4 hours per week
    • 20 weeks per semester
  • Course Fee

    • minimum MMK 13,500 per hour (flexible payment options are available)
    • Annual package buyers can choose discount or instalment plan
  • Contact us

    If you have any questions, you can contact us by either of the following options:

    • Please fill up the form here and the British Council will be in touch with you shortly.
    • Please click here to contact us from Facebook messenger
    • Please give us a call.

Why Secondary Plus?

Core life skills development

Secondary Plus prepares teenagers for future life challenges (study, work, and life) by developing skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, leadership and problem-solving skills.

Real-world learning

Each module focuses on subjects that are relevant to teenagers and cover real-world topics that affect people on a global scale. E.g. urbanisation, artificial intelligence, gaming, the environment, ethical food and climate change.


Students work on a variety of practical and challenging real-world tasks that build up to a final project that has a real-life outcome. E.g. a presentation, fun debates, practice interviews, online research or vlogs.

Independent learning

The British Council teaching approach is different to traditional learning in school. Students are encouraged by our teachers to reflect on the topics discussed in each class and give their own views and opinions.

Secondary Plus Online

Students can practise their English on the go or at home using Secondary Online. They have access to a wide range of online resources to enable them to continue learning outside of class time, for example, helpful grammar and vocabulary activities. They receive a personal account when the course starts which means they can keep track of their progress.

Love of Literature

Secondary Plus gives your child the chance to build general knowledge through developing a love of literature and being exposed to authentic English through graphic novels of classics.


Exam Skills

For our older learners, Upper Secondary Plus shifts the focus to academic and exam skills in order to help your child succeed at university and beyond.

Our Academic Year

Secondary Plus runs from April to March and is split into two 20-week semesters.

Upper Secondary Plus students also have the chance to enroll in an intensive course which combines two semesters into one.

Semester Course Period Registration Period
Semester A April - September  January - March
Semester B October - March July - September

Register Your Child Today

  1. Check your English level

Our level check procedure thoroughly assesses your language knowledge and your ability in English. Find out how good your English is with a written test that takes about 25 minutes and then you have a short speaking test with one of our teachers. 

If you have any questions about the placement test, please fill up the form here and a member of our Sales and Customer Management team will be in touch shortly. Alternatively, click here to contact us from Facebook messenger. 

2. Book a placement test

For age 13-15, please fill up the form here and a member of our Sales and Customer Management team will be in touch shortly. Alternatively, click here to contact us from Facebook messenger. 

For age 16-17, please book a placement test here.

3. Payment

The test costs MMK15,000. The British Council does not give refunds for placement tests. The test result is valid for one year.

We accept MPU, VISA cards, bank transfers, and mobile banking bill payment (only Ayeyarwaddy bank) for course fees and placement test fees.