The Myanmar Young Learners Scholarship 2021 competition is open to all current Young Learner students who meet our eligibility criteria. The winners in each learner category will study free for our second semester from October 2021 to March 2022. In the first stage, all students who enter the competition will go into a lucky dip. From this up to 150 students will be drawn across our learner categories – Primary Plus, Secondary Plus and Upper Secondary Plus. In the second stage, these lucky students will then be asked to give a 90-second prepared presentation based on a specified topic to our judges. Our judges will assess all presentations on content, clarity, charisma and creativity. They may ask students follow-up questions. All presenters will receive a certificate and presentation feedback. Scholarship winners will be notified by August 31. 
Registration for this event is closed now.

Key dates

July 24 to Aug 6

The competition Lucky Dip opens – parents of Young Learners can enter their child or children if they meet the eligibility criteria.

August 7

The Lucky Dip closes at Myanmar 12 noon.
Presenters are drawn by course and level – Primary Plus, Secondary Plus, Upper Secondary Plus

August 8

All presenters informed of their selection, the presentation topic and the day and time of their judging.

August 9

Parents of presenters will be emailed a link for their child to give their presentation to our judges.
The date of the presentation will be between August 16 and August 27 (exclusive of 21 & 22).
The time of the presentation will be between 10am and 9pm.
Presentation dates and times will be confirmed with parents. These will be final.

September 1

Scholarship winners will be notified.



Parents will need to agree to the following for their child to participate in the scholarship competition
  1. Following the British Council Virtual Guidance and Code of Conduct for the judging of their child’s presentation
  2. Consenting to their child being interviewed throughout the period of the scholarship for the purposes of marketing.
The decision of the judges will be final.
Scholarships cannot be transferred to another student or sibling.
Scholarships cannot be refunded for future study credit or cash.
What are the benefits to the students?


This competition should build on young children's view of thier immediate world and what appeals to them:
  • Build skills in online presenting and communication
  • Allow for creativity and imagination
  • Win recognition and a scholarship

Secondary and Upper

This competition should build on the teen need to develop presentation and associated skills, and gives voice to their views; it should: 
  • Build performance skills in online presenting and interview presence
  • Allow for communication of Secondary views, demonstrating youth understanding of the importance of education 
  • Win recognition and a scholarship