What is Secondary Plus?

Secondary Plus is a global product carefully designed by our team of education experts who really know what gets teenagers learning. It’s fun, practical, challenging, and hands-on. Your child will be immersed in an English environment, do motivating projects, and develop the skills needed for today’s world. Learn more about Secondary Plus English course here

How are online classes different from regular classes?

With Secondary Plus Online, your child will get to experience the same quality teaching and unique materials while learning from the safety of your own home. Online classes remain face-to-face and interactive but run online via Zoom. Just like regular classes, students can engage in group discussions in breakout rooms and use the annotate feature to provide notes and write answers. For class materials, students receive digital handouts as opposed to paper.

What do you need to join our online classes?

  • Laptop/computer with a webcam
  • Headphones with a microphone 
  • Fast internet connection
  • Paper and pencil 
  • Zoom application

What about safety and security?

The British Council has a corporate agreement with Zoom, and we have invested in Zoom licenses for all our teachers. These licenses have special security settings and are kept up-to-date. We do not publish meeting codes publicly, and we control who can enter the classrooms via waiting rooms so that we can keep our students safe.

Register Your Child Today

Please fill up the form here and the British Council be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, click here to contact us from Facebook messenger, or give us a call at 09777001808, 09777001822.