Monday 06 May 2024 - 14:04 to Friday 14 June 2024 - 14:04

Ace your Reading, Writing and Speaking tests with our IELTS General Training (GT) webinars! This series of webinars will be delivered by certified IELTS experts every and will cover specific topics that address common challenges of our test takers in May and June.

Date Title Description
6 May (Monday) General Training Reading This webinar starts with an overview of the Reading Test format. This is followed by a brief look at some common problems you might experience in the Reading Test and introduces some key skills and key strategies that will help you develop the reading skills you need to develop for success. Practice will be provided across different question types.
17 June (Monday)
9 May (Thursday) General Training Writing Task 1: Letters In this webinar, we will introduce the format of the GT Writing Task 1 and goes on to look at the different letter types you will need to write. We will also look at the organisation of the letters and the appropriate vocabulary needed.
19 June (Wednesday)
13 May (Monday) General Training Writing Task 2  During this webinar, you’ll practise identifying the different essay types that you might be asked to write in Writing Task 2. We will then focus on one type, essays that require you to write about problems and solutions. You’ll have the chance to work through the steps to prepare to write your own essay before looking at a full model answer. We’ll also look at the language of cause and effect which will be useful not only for this type of essay but for all sections of IELTS
24 June (Monday)
14 May (Tuesday) IELTS Speaking In this webinar we will start with an overview of the format of the Speaking Test. Then you will have the chance to practise some of the skills and strategies you need for each of the three parts of the test..
26 June (Wednesday)

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