Registration can be made by candidates themselves or by LCCI centres on behalf of their candidates.

Correct spelling of name and DOB are essential. Most importantly, please fill up the correct subject codes and subjects upon registration.

It is important at this stage to check the spelling of your name, ID number and subjects registered are correct on receipt. If subjects registered are wrong, you can amend at this stage and re-register for the correct subject. The subject can be amend before submitting to Pearson through QMA Portal.

During temporary office closure, individual candidates can send the completed registration form to the Customer Services by email: for Yangon candidates and for Mandalay candidates.

Please download the LCCI Private Candidate Entry Form here.

Registration for Combined or Group Diplomas

We accept combined and group diploma claims from private candidates as well as from centres.

Candidates and centres need to make sure the diplomas claims are made in accordance with the eligibility set by the exam board.

Private candidates need to bring their original results/certificates and copies of them. We will check if their claims can be made according to the rules before registration.

Centres need to make sure diplomas claims from your centre meet the diploma registration rules. Centres have responsibility to check the original results/certificates with the copies which are to be attached with the diploma claims.

If you wish to apply for certificate replacement, you need to bring copy of your exam result/ certificate.

If you want to amend your name on your certificate, you must give in original result and certificates. 

Medical Transfer

We are able to refund your examination fees a week after the registration closing dates. There will be certain amount deduction from your exam fees when refund.

Candidates can only apply Medical Transfer for LCCI International Qualifications exams. Medical Transfer can be made a week before the exam days or during the exams. Candidates must provide medical history and documents in apply for medical transfer. Decisions are made by the LCCI International Qualifications Exam boards not us and the results can be notified only after the exam series.

However, transfer fees will be applied when medical transfer is granted for the next exam series.

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