The Connections Through Culture grants programme is designed to nurture fresh cultural partnerships between East Asia and the UK. These grants are instrumental in supporting new ideas and collaborations from artists and cultural organisations at any stage of development.

The grants supported in this round of Connections Through Culture programme have focused on two distinct areas: diversity and inclusion and, addressing climate change. The collaborative efforts across borders and artistic disciplines will lead to new thoughts and ideas created to address global challenges.

The grants support new connections, exchanges and collaborations. These grants help build long-term relationships and collaborations between artists, cultural professionals, creative practitioners and art and cultural organisations, hubs, networks, and collectives.

Connections Through Culture grantees 2023

4E JAZZ!: Expanding, Exploring, Exchanging and Experimenting with Sound

UK: Benjamin Oliver

Myanmar: Win Htut Thawdar (Myanmar Jazz Club)

Cultural exchange between UK and Myanmar jazz musicians. Workshops, composition, and live performances create a cross-cultural, experimental jazz experience, promoting collaboration, diversity, and artistic exploration.

Chronicling Moken Culture

UK: Marine Research and Conservation Foundation (MARECO)

Myanmar: Thanda Ko Gyi (Myanmar Ocean Project)

Documenting the Moken people's cultural-spiritual ties to the ocean, addressing environmental threats. Surveys, interviews, and illustrations amplify their voices for awareness and conservation.

Kink In Their Armour

UK: Campfire Theatre

Myanmar: Thukhuma Khayeethe (TK) Theatre

Empowering LGBTQ+ voices in the UK and Myanmar. Through workshops and performances, participants share their beauty stories, fostering self-love, understanding, and global connections.

Record of Rain

UK: Lauren Smith

Myanmar: Thee Oo Thazin

"Record of Rain" explores Myanmar's rain through historical poems. Silk screen prints illustrate changing rain patterns, fostering dialogue on climate impact and cultural connections.

Safeguarding Audio-Visual Heritage in Myanmar

UK: Dr. Philippa Lovatt 

Myanmar: Save Myanmar Film

Protecting Myanmar's film heritage amidst environmental crises, this project involves paper restoration workshops and seminars. Experts collaborate, and restored materials are exhibited. Film screenings share restored Burmese and Scottish films, emphasising the importance of preservation.

Yangon to Glasgow and back

UK: Cryptic Glasgow Ltd

Myanmar: Zwel Mun Wint

Cryptic's residency in the UK and Myanmar artist's exchanges, leading to collaborations, performances, and networking. Cultivating artistic growth, bridging cultures, and creating impactful connections.