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Frontiers 2020 programme launched in April 2018 and the first phase will finish in March 2020. The programme aims to develop the quality of capacity and connections of key social actors in specific, hitherto underserved rural and provincial areas, to contribute towards a more inclusive and equitable development in Myanmar. The project plans to tackle Myanmar’s uneven development and disparity of opportunities for social development actors, and communities, in regional and provincial areas. 

We will achieve this by working with different partners mainly Millennium Centre Network, civil society organisations, private and the public sector through 

  • Developing intermediary entities, for instance, community hubs- to function as a locus of mediation between local entities, their needs, regional or international institutions and international support.
  • Provision of locally and technically relevant capacity building for social actors 
  • Facilitation of relations between social actors and regional public bodies 
  • Research into issues and problems identified as critical by local representatives 
  • Evidence- led projects delivered by local social actors, here we focus on civil society organisations (CSOs) and social enterprises – that are not only knowledgeable and skilled but who have the trust and local connections required to ensure advancement make the greatest impact on local needs and are sensitive to local conditions. 

Through Frontiers 2020 we will achieve a stronger, more integrated communities with greater capacity to overcome social, political and economic development challenges, more inclusive development in ethnic and provincial areas of Myanmar.