About Next Generation

‘Next Generation’ is a series of global British Council research focusing on the attitudes and aspirations of young people, and the policies and conditions that support them in becoming creative, fulfilled and active citizens. The research projects examines young people’s views around education, employment, and lifestyle, as well as uncovering their hopes and fears for their country, their degree of international engagement and views on the wider world, and the values and beliefs that affect their lives. In countries where we have conducted multiple Next Generation reports, the first acts as a benchmark, with later reports taking more of a deep dive into a given area, such as democratic engagement or experience of conflict.


The Next Generation programme is part of the British Council’s commitment to exploring youth voice and choice, and to putting research at the heart of our programming. The stated aims of the programme are to:

- Understand youth attitudes and aspirations
- Amplify youth voice
- Support better youth policy-making

The British Council believes it is important to listen to and engage with the young population as they will become the next generation of influencers, leaders and shapers of their countries. The research aims to open platforms for conversations on key questions raised by the findings to support and guide programmatic interventions for organisations focusing on youth. Consultative workshops and policy dialogues with key stakeholders will identify opportunities and provide insight on key themes. 

The research project is expected to become a guiding resource not only for funders and participating organisations, but for wider use by actors focusing on youth. We anticipate that this will also be the first in a series of such reports, with later publications focusing on themes emerging from the initial study. The research output will also support international organisations and donors to reference resources according to local needs, grounded in realities illuminated by the research.

We envisage

  • Policy makers, leaders and influencers are equipped with data to enable them to make informed decisions on policy relating to or affecting youth in Myanmar;
  • Policy makers, leaders and influences have access to data to help monitor progress towards and be accountable for Sustainable Development Goals relating to youth, such as embracing young people as agents for change, supporting pathways to active citizenship and supporting social innovation/access to information;
  • Youth in Myanmar are more confident in voicing their concerns, and will have such concerns corroborated with data;
  • Robust, representative research findings shape ideas for policy and programme development;
  • Researchers in Myanmar – both within government and in partner organisations – have improved skills in research;
  • A baseline for further work is established.  

Find out more about the Next Generation Research Series here.