British Council

TKT: CLIL is a specialist module of the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) that focuses on content teaching in a second or other language. This 30-hour course consists of two parts.

  • Part 1: Knowledge of CLIL and principles of CLIL
  • Part 2: lesson Preparation, lesson Delivery and assessment
Number of Trainees Total Training Hours Training Fees (per Trainee)
20 30 MMK 190,000

Time : 12 pm to 3 pm (on Sunday only)

Training Period : 20 August to 5 November 2017 

Application Form Submission Period : until 11 August 2017

Interview Period and Registration Date : 14 to 16 August 2017

Address : 78 Kanna Road, Yangon.

Telephone : 01 370933, 370944, 370829, 370830

Email : enquiries@mm.britishcouncil.org

How to register

To join a course, complete and hand in a course application form which can be downloaded below.

It was useful to get an alternative vision of the educational progress to identify and integrate the best practices into my approach. Hopefully, it has become more flexible and better fits students' needs.”