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Towards Results in Education and English (TREE) is one component of the five-year Myanmar – UK Partnership for Education (MUPE) programme funded by Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). TREE has three intended outcomes: increased competence in Education College (EC) principals and teacher educators (TEs) in implementing teacher education reforms; improved learning outcomes for student teachers (STs), particularly in English Language Teaching (ELT); and a stronger, more effective and more inclusive education system to support teacher education reforms. These outcomes are intended to improve student outcomes in English, improve the design and implementation of education reforms and improve linkages between educational institutions. The TREE outcomes will contribute to the overall MUPE desired impact and achievement of stronger more effective education systems and more relevant learning for all Myanmar’s children, equipping them for life after school.

TREE is managed and implemented by a consortium of partners, led by the British Council with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), Montrose and the Open University UK.

The Inception Phase from June 3 to September 30, 2019 gave TREE the opportunity to refine the design and approach to the TREE model, through several studies and analyses of the current situation in the education sector and specifically Education Colleges (ECs). The TREE model is based on four integrated and inter-dependent workstreams with two cross-cutting themes which develop over three phases: Foundation, Consolidation and Continuation Phases. The four workstreams are: Continuing/ continuous Professional Development (CPD); English Proficiency and Pedagogy; Systems Strengthening through practicum and partnerships; and inclusive practices and disability. The two cross-cutting themes are educational technology and research and monitoring.

Since the end of the Inception Phase in October 2019, TREE has recruited and deployed 25 TREE English facilitators, managed by the British Council and 22 TREE Inclusion facilitators, managed by VSO. A further 3 TREE Inclusion facilitators will join us in February, making a total of 50 TREE facilitators: co-planning and training, mentoring and strengthening systems in 25 Education Colleges throughout Myanmar.

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