induction workshop

TREE conducted a second five-day Induction Workshop in Yangon to welcome the TREE English and Pedagogy facilitators and TREE Inclusive Practice facilitators in January 2020. TREE conducted its first Induction workshop in Yangon in last December. 
TREE facilitators are really excited to work at the 25 Education Colleges across the country. They will support the Education College senior management and Teacher Educators to strengthen systems for teacher education reform, improve English Language proficiency skills and inclusive pedagogy in the classroom and to support practicum supervision skills; reflective practice and use of evidence action research to inform teaching practice. Our TREE Cluster Managers will support the facilitators when they arrive at their placements across the country.
Meet our TREE Cluster Manager, Louise Ingham who has 15 years experience working in education in various teaching, training and managing roles around the world. She has worked for the British Council in different projects in Kazakhstan and Oman and also 18 months in Myanmar.
TREE English Facilitator, Thida Aung, who is working at Pathein Education College and she will be working with support of Louise. Thida is Myanmar National and working for British Council on the TREE project. She has been a teacher trainer more than ten years. She brought her 35 years experience of teaching English to the TREE project. She is really happy and excited to be part of a forward-looking project.
One of the main workstreams of the TREE project is ensuring inclusive practice in the classroom and supporting practicum supervision skills in line with SDG 4: ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. We have deployed expert inclusive practice advisors as TREE facilitators in 25 Education Colleges alongside the English and pedagogy facilitators in partnership with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO).
Meet our TREE Inclusion Facilitator, Mwamandi Munthali, who has a total of 19 years of experience in teaching, research, inclusive education and project management. Mwamandi managed a consultancy where he trained teachers in the fundamentals of inclusive pedagogy. As a TREE Project Facilitator at Thingangyun Education College, his role focuses on orienting teacher educators to the fundamentals of inclusive education.