Mat Wright

Welcome to Term 2
16 July - 23 September 2019

Course Preparation – Before your course begins

Before your course starts, check you have all the information and tools that you need. 

  • I know my class schedule and the importance of arriving a few minutes early.

    You can find the course schedule on the registration documents you received when you paid.

  • I am following the British Council Myanmar on Facebook. Like our page  
  • I know how to become a Student Library Member. Find out more
  • I have bought my course book.

Course books for British Council courses are available at the following address:

Myanmar Book Centre (Shop 2)
No.561-567, Room (3), Ground Floor, MAC Tower (1)
Phone: 370532, 384508, 09-730 15993

You can enjoy 10% discount on other books apart from British Council course books by presenting your British Council receipt.

  • I understand the importance of self-study and practice outside class. 

You will need to find time to review your classes, complete the workbook and do any homework. Reading and listening are also great ways to develop your skills and improve your English. Your teacher will give you some resource ideas but why not borrow a book from the British Council library or download a podcast from Learn English website today?

Course Preparation – During the first week of the course

During the first week of term, your teacher will help you understand the objectives of your course, how to take more control of your learning and give you an opportunity to get to know your new English speaking friends. 

Check you have all the information you need by asking your teacher or click to find out more. 

I know the name and email address of my teacher(s). I know who to contact with any questions or difficulties or suggestions.

Ask your teacher for their email address. In addition, our Customer Services Team work hard to answer all your questions. You can find the contact details below.

I know what to do if I miss a class.

If you miss a class it’s important to study the lesson by yourself before the next class so you don’t fall behind. Email your teacher or contact your classmates to find out what to do. We recommend you attend all the classes but you have to attend a minimum of 80% to pass the course. 

It’s also important to come to class on time. Arriving late reduces your learning and reduces your opportunity to practice new language.

I have received and read the Student Can Do Statement that explains my course objectives.

Ask your teacher for a copy.

I know the Fire and Emergency Procedure and where to find official notices in the classroom.

The fire exit routes are displayed in each classroom. Take time to look at the information and ask your teacher if you have any questions.

I have downloaded Learn English Sounds Right app or Macmillan Sounds app to my mobile device to help me with pronunciation.

There is a phonemic chart in every classroom and your teacher will help you understand the symbols and how to use them, as well as other pronunciation tips. By downloading one of these apps, you will have a powerful interactive tool to help your learning inside and outside class.

I have a learner’s dictionary or access to an online learner’s dictionary.

A learner’s dictionary gives you much more detail about how to use words and phrases correctly, as well as the pronunciation and meaning of the word. Try this online dictionary http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/learner-english/


Resources and Apps

What you do outside of class is just as important as what happens inside it. Get ready to take control of your learning by using everything that the British Council offers.

Assessment and Counselling

We care about your progress in using real language to complete real tasks. Our ongoing assessment and counselling process is designed to help you and your teacher identify what actions you can take to meet your individual needs as you progress through the course. Your teacher will explain assessment, grading and assessment tasks as the course develops. 

Important notice on security checks

To enhance the security and safety of all who use the British Council premises, certain procedures must be followed. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, and ask for your understanding. Find out more

Contact us

If you would like more information on your course, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you. 

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