Mat Wright

Welcome to Term 2
16 July - 23 September 2019


Check you and your child have the information and tools for a successful start to the term. 

  • I know my class schedule and the importance of arriving a few minutes early. You can find the course schedule on the registration documents you received when you paid.
  • I am following the British Council Myanmar on Facebook. Like our page . Join "Parents Group" .
  • My child has become a Student Library Member. Find out more
  • My child has their course book and literature text.

Books for British Council courses are available at the following address:

Myanmar Book Centre (Shop 2)

No.561-567, Room (3), Ground Floor, MAC Tower (1)

Phone: 370532, 384508, 09-730 15993

You can enjoy 10% discount on other books apart from British Council course books by presenting your British Council receipt.

•I understand the importance of giving my child opportunities to use English outside class in ways that they enjoy such as reading library books, watching English-language films or cartoons or listening to English-language songs. The British Council also has wonderful online learning materials for younger learners – LearnEnglishKids  and for older learners – LearnEnglishTeens.  

It is also really encouraging for your child if you show interest in their lesson and learning – and check to see if they have any homework to do.


Your child will find out about their teacher and their classmates. They will also establish shared class rules. Your child’s teacher(s) will do language activities to assess your child’s learning needs. 

Check you have all the information you need by asking our Sales and Customer Management team or click to find out more.

I know the name of my child’s teacher(s). I know who to contact with any questions or difficulties or suggestions.

Ask your child about their teacher. In addition, our Sales and Customer Management team work hard to answer all your questions. You can find the contact details below.

I know what to do if my child needs to miss a class.

Contact our Sales and Customer Management team. They will record details and inform your child’s teacher (s).

I have received and read the Student Can Do Statement that explains the course objectives for my child this term.

Check that your child has given you a copy of this information. If not, contact our  Sales and Customer Management team. They will get a copy for you.

I have checked that my child knows the Fire and Emergency Procedure and where to find official notices in the classroom.

The fire exit routes are displayed in each classroom. Ask your child to check this information and check with their teacher if they have any questions.

I know what to do if my child needs to leave a class early.

If your child needs to leave a class early, you need to send written confirmation of this arrangement to the class teacher. 

I have checked my child has an ID card.

All Young Learner students need to wear an ID card when they are at the British Council. This is an important feature of our Child Protection procedures. If your child does not have an ID, please contact our Sales and Customer Management team. 

Resources and Apps

What your child does outside of class is just as important as what happens inside it. Optimise your child’s learning by using everything that the British Council offers.

Assessment and Counselling

We care about your progress in using real language to complete real tasks. Our on-going assessment and feedback process is designed to help your child progress as an individual learner. Your child’s teacher will be happy to meet with you at your parent-teacher meeting in Week 5. This is an opportunity for you to find out about your child’s learning and talk with the teacher about what steps can be taken to help the learning process. 

Important notice on security checks

To enhance the security and safety of all who use the British Council premises, certain procedures must be followed. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, and ask for your understanding. Find out more

Contact us

If you would like more information on your course, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you. 

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