We have been operating in Myanmar since 1946. Currently, we have centres in Yangon and Mandalay and operate a wide range of programmes across the country. 

We have growing collaboration with the state education sector, and now offer our services to government on behalf of the UK; we are developing particularly close ties with the Ministry of Education.

We undertake a range of activity to support Myanmar's large NGO and CBO communities (community-based organisations) in areas such as human rights awareness and responsible investment, delivering contracts based on a strong track record.

Here are some information and statistics outlining our activities in Myanmar:

  • We provide a unique space and support for change-makers within Myanmar society, and have developed a large and dynamic network of civil society groups / individuals to whom we offer training and support.
  • We work with hundreds of NGOs, INGOs and CBOs through two FCDO/SIDA-funded civil society projects, Sone Sie and Amatae.
  • We are enabling a social enterprise sector to emerge in Myanmar through our Skills for Social Entrepreneurs programme.
  • We deliver co-funded projects in rule of law, human rights and responsible investment.
  • We receive more than 200,000 visitors to our buildings in Yangon and Mandalay each year.
  • Our libraries have over 10,000 members and support a network of 19 remote learning centres across the country.
  • We teach 3,000 students at our teaching centre each year and deliver 85,000 exams. 
  • Over 350,000 learners visited our websites to study English each year and more than 39,000 learners registered to attend our Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in 2019.
  • Our Facebook page reaches 2.3 million people, one of the largest British Council country pages in the world.