For many decades British Council was the only UK agency working in Myanmar and we have earned huge respect for continuing to create opportunity throughout Myanmar's recent history.

The breadth and reach of our programmes since 1948 have helped us put down deep roots. Few organisations locally can claim to have the strength of our network. Civil society partners working in sectors ranging from human rights to monastic education to creative arts have come to know and trust us.

We have in-depth awareness of local issues around which we can connect people.

Our expertise

We offer the local knowledge, attention to detail and cultural sensitivity which are essential to a project’s success. Our expertise in areas such as English and education make us a valued partner to national reform.

Our influence with government and the private sector gives us unique and trusted access to influencers and policy-makers.

Our highly skilled and talented staff consistently deliver above expectations. We are masters at organising conferences and events.

We are a globally trusted brand. Our brand is based on valuing people, integrity, mutuality, creativity and professionalism and is respected by government, local and international partners alike.

Connecting people

We can tap our expertise in running socially-minded programmes to help you achieve your goals for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We lead on social enterprise in Myanmar, offer cascade training in women's empowerment and help to strengthen the operating capacity of goverment and non-governmental organisations.

Our work spans education, society and the arts and we are able to connect you to global networks of expertise in each of these areas. Our activities and exposure often go beyond country boundaries, enabling our partners to bring their activities up to an international level.

Contact us

Partnering with us gives you access to worldwide networks, expertise in international learning, development, arts and community programmes. If you are interested in exploring potential partnership opportunities with our organisation, contact our partnerships team to learn more about partnering with us. 

Telephone: 01 370933, 370944, 370829, 370830