The British Council’s Frontiers 2020 project is seeking an organisation to support its work with Millennium Centres – a network of independent libraries and learning centres providing services to communities across the country. The selected organisation will create and deliver a capacity development strategy suitable both for individual Millennium Centres and for the network as a whole, and support them to better assess their capabilities and standards in the future. Full details can be found in the attached Call for Proposals documentation.


Closing date Monday 07 January 2019

Role overview

The tendered assignment is a component of the British Council’s Frontiers 2020 project. The objective of the project is to develop the quality of capacity and connections of key social actors in specific provincial areas of Myanmar. The outcome of the project will be a contribution towards a more inclusive and equitable development in Myanmar. The project seeks to accomplish this by

- improving the quality and quantity of services offered by a network of local community hubs across the country – the Millennium Centre network – to improve their capacity to support local development; and

- enhancing the operational capacity and effectiveness of local social actors, primarily civil society organisations and social enterprises.

The Millennium Centres are an initiative of the British Council and UK Embassies. Beginning around 2000, this network of autonomous, mainly volunteer-run, locally-owned libraries and learning centres, based in local host organisations, has grown to a membership of nineteen, and enjoys a broad geographical distribution around the country. Further information on Millennium Centres and their distribution can be found at

Support for the Millennium Centres through Frontiers 2020 will involve a combination of technical training, network strengthening and infrastructure upgrades in up to six specific Centres, and for learning and best practice to be cascaded among other Centres.

How to apply

To apply, please see the attached document.