The ASEAN Creative Economy Initiative offers exciting professional development opportunities to expand your network across the ASEAN network. Whether you're a policymaker shaping the future of your region or a creative producer looking to develop your expertise, we are offering tailored programmes to support your growth journey.

Working directly with UK festival professionals

Experience firsthand the management and operations of UK festivals through our UK Delegation Programme. Selected ASEAN festival professionals will join a delegation to the UK, engaging in immersive learning experiences and fostering meaningful connections with their UK counterparts. This exchange of ideas and best practices promises to enrich festival experiences in both regions.

  • Delegation to UK Music Festivals, Focus Wales and The Great Escape
    Dates 9 – 19 May 2024
    The programme will be a curated visit to attend UK music festivals focusing on the Welsh sector and The Great Escape in Brighton, alongside a series of meetings in Cardiff and London with key UK music organisations. 
  • Delegation to UK Performing Arts Festivals at Edinburgh Festival
    Dates August 2024 
    Application Deadline: June 2024 

Hybrid and Online courses

More information available soon.