By Maria Quero, Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)

23 October 2023 - 14:24

The British Council's 'Together We Grow' Partner Schools Appreciation Ceremony, held on May 26, 2023, celebrated collaborative education efforts. Partners were lauded for fostering international perspectives, empowering students with diverse viewpoints.

We're proud to assist partner schools in facilitating university applications, instilling confidence in students and their families. Online safety resources ensure a secure learning environment.

Our commitment extends to extracurricular activities and global competitions, preparing students for a dynamic future. Specialized support, including exam delivery and account management, empowers partners in their educational pursuits.

Networking events and forums promote shared knowledge, enhancing teaching quality. Partner schools benefit students and offer resources for parents, connecting globally minded students.

New partners received 'British Council Partner Schools' plaques, recognizing their contribution. The Online Support for Schools (OSS) platform, a cornerstone for quality learning, was also acknowledged.

'Together We Grow' underscores the power of collaborative education. We're eager to continue this journey with our partners, nurturing global citizens.

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