Welcome to the British Council Library. All members are invited to use the library resources and services. We strive to provide access to complete and well-maintained collections, information resources and equipment. Our libraries seek to provide a safe and secure environment and facilities suitable for browsing our collection, reading and networking.

Library users are expected to respect the library facilities, staff and other users.

You are kindly requested to:

  • Adhere to our security policies and procedures
  • Respond to emergency and security gate alarms and other situations as instructed by staff
  • Leave buildings at closing times and limit use of the library to authorised areas only.

You are kindly requested not to:

  • Bring personal printed reading material to the library
  • Leave personal belongings unattended
  • Sit on the floor
  • Photograph library members or staff without permission
  • Bring food or drinks inside the library
  • Reserve seats by placing your belongings
  • Leave young children unsupervised
  • Use library areas for prolonged sleeping or living quarters
  • Misuse, damage or deface library documents, furniture, building or computer systems
  • Violate copyright laws
  • Engage in behaviour that is potentially unsafe or harmful to self or others
  • Exhibit any threatening or intimidating behaviours - e.g. abusive language, staring, threats of violence or any type of harassment
  • Engage in any sexual activities including, but not limited to, unwanted or inappropriate touching, unwanted or inappropriate advances, harassment or indecent exposure
  • Create disturbances with disruptive noise - e.g. loud talking or audible electronic devices.