If you are enrolled with a UK or other international university and you need to take your examinations, you can sit for your examinations at our premises. 

British Council Myanmar provides invigilation services for students registered with UK schools, colleges and universities or overseas colleges and universities ( i.e., distance learning programmes ), who need to take examinations but are not able to travel abroad.

Each educational institution has strict regulations about how examinations are conducted. We ensure that all regulations are followed and all requirements are met. We receive and store papers from schools, colleges or universities and provide test rooms with invigilators for examinations and return the answer scripts by courier.

How does it work?

  • Get in touch with your university and register for your exam with them. 
  • Once your exam registration has been confirmed, request for an overseas centre upon exam registration. 

How much will it cost?

Exam Administration fees will be incurred. Administration fees include venue charges, invigilation charges, secure storage of question papers and scripts. This does not include examination fees charged by your university and courier charges. Please confirm with your university for exam fees and courier charges depend on the country which the scripts have to be sent back. Please contact us for administration fees and courier charges.

It is important to check with your institute if the invigilation services fee has been included in the tuition fee or examination fees. The candidate will be charged if it is not covered by the institute.

Please contact us for the information on the venue and time of your examinations once your university has confirmed the details.