Mat Wright

Whether you are planning to learn English for pleasure, or for a specific purpose, you'll become one of around 750 million people around the world who speak English in addition to their mother tongue.

And if you are planning to study at school, college or university then learning English is likely to be an important part – maybe even the main part – of your UK education.

Why learn English in the UK?

When you learn English in the UK, you are at the heart of the language, studying in its birthplace. You can choose from a vast range of courses, so you know there will be one to suit you.

Even better, you'll be studying where English is spoken all day, every day. So when you explore the UK during your free time you'll be surrounded by native speakers - a great chance to practise your new language skills and to discover how friendly and multi-cultural the UK is. 

 Of course, the UK is where you will find some of the world's top schools, colleges and universities as well as excellent language centres. When you study English language in the UK you may be inspired to take the next step and move on to further studies at excellent centres of learning.

Which type of English language course do you need?

There are a wide range of types of English language course you can study in the UK such as general English courses, IELTS/TOEFL courses, Cambridge English courses, Pre-university entrance English courses, English for specific purposes and vacation courses.

How long the course lasts can vary – anything from a few days or weeks to a full year, depending on the content and the level you want to achieve. Whatever the type and level of course you choose, you’ll find the teaching style is mainly practical.

The first thing to check, when you are looking at English language courses, is whether the course is run by an accredited English language teaching centre.

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