myClass timetable

With a flexible timetable you can schedule your studies at your convenience. Plus, you will never miss a class with late booking and cancellation options.  

A timetable to suit you 

Create your own personal timetable with a wide choice of lessons and class times available weekly. Plus, with our credit-based lesson packages you can study at your own pace.  

Manage your schedule on the go: use the MyClass mobile app to book or cancel lessons, and set the pace of study to suit your schedule. 

Book on the day: schedule a lesson any time before it starts. 

Late cancellation: cancel or reschedule a lesson up to 24 hours before it starts and keep your credit. 

Contact us to see the timetable at your nearest teaching centre.  

Get set for success

With packages available from MMK 11,000 per hour, it’s time to invest in yourself. 

MyClass offers packages of 20, 40 and 60 credits to suit your lifestyle and budget – and the more you buy, the better the savings. Each 90-minute lesson costs one credit. 

Price: from MMK 11,000 per hour (flexible package options are available)

Class Capacity: 16 (online), 20 (face to face) 

We accept AYA mobile banking or bank transfer and all prices are in Myanmar Kyat. 


What is MyAdvisory?

MyAdvisory sessions are an opportunity for MyClass students to receive 1 on 1 feedback from a teacher on their learning, progress and goals. Each session is 20 minutes in length. During a MyAdvisory session, you are also able to ask questions about priority areas for you and/or any concerns that you may have around your language learning journey. After the session, the teacher will post written feedback and suggestions which you can view through the Online Booking System student's portal.

What are the benefits of MyAdvisory?

MyAdvisory sessions are a great opportunity to get personalized feedback and guidance on your progress and areas that are important to you. MyAdvisory sessions are most productive and helpful if students review their MyClass assessment results prior to the session and identify some key areas they'd like to discuss further with the teacher. These sessions can be a great way to get useful tips and suggestions around how to achieve the goals that are important for you.

When/How can I attend MyAdvisory?

MyAdvisory sessions are booked through the Online Booking System. After a student completes their 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th assessments in a particular level, we suggest they book a MyAdvisory session with a teacher. These sessions are held online. MyAdvisory sessions will be available for all students who purchase a package from the month of May onward. Sessions will start towards the 3rd week of May.