1. Register

Preparation Schools - please click here to log in to the School Registration System (SRS) Portal to register your students.

If you need an account to register your candidates on the portal, please send the following information to our team to create an account: school name, SRS user's email address, mobile number, school's address.

Individual candidates - please click here to visit our School Registration System (SRS) and make your exam registration.

Please make sure you register during the registration period. We will send out the registration report or Statement of Entry to each centre where candidates/centres can check their details and subject entries. Once the entries have been made, amendment fees will incur if you make changes.

Exams Registration Date

Exams Registration Date Remark
Cambridge Assessment International Education (May - Jun 2024) * Coming Soon  Tentative registration period - January 2024
Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level (IAL) (Jan 2024) 19 September 2023 to 10 October 2023 For normal stage
Pearson Edexcel International GCSE (May - Jun 2024) Coming Soon Tentative registration period - February 2024
Pearson Edexcel iPrimary & iLower Secondary (May - Jun 2024)  Coming Soon Tentative registration period - February 2024

*All Cambridge International Exams will be held in Yangon ONLY.

Please refer to files attached here for exam schedules and fees.

Additional information for Pearson Edexcel exams:

  • For International GCSE, candidates need to be entered for the exams available under Int-gcse-r-paper-summer-2023. If candidates cannot find any subjects they wish to sit for in the International GCSE R Code timetable, they will need to check in the exam timetable of Int-gcse-summer-2023. 
  • Subjects under timetable without R Code will need to be strictly scheduled due to Key Time which means AM session might start after 14:00.

2. Make payment

Please note that we will accept the Exam fees with MMK and you can only make the payment by Bank Transfer and Mobile Banking only.

If you have an AYA bank account , you can transfer with mobile banking using bill payment system. Please fill up the registration form and send with email. We will provide the reference code for your payment after we received and checked the registration.

3. Check the timetable

Please check the documents below to view exam timetable.