Non Formal Education

Our Non-formal Education programme in Myanmar works through a network of diverse local organisations across the country to use the skills, insight and passion of local changemakers to improve the personal, social and economic prospects for Myanmar’s youth. Through these initiatives we aim to empower young people from different parts of the country to contribute to trust-building, cohesion and stability in their societies, and to represent their communities on the local, regional and national stage.

The NFE offer will provide training to develop the skills, voice and networks young people need to take greater control over their lives and participate in positive social and economic development. Our work will both use and further develop cultural relations to connect young people across the country to each other, and to important alliances and networks.

Our Approach

The Myanmar Youth Empowerment Network (MYEN) does this through a range of collaborative pursuits in community-based education, teacher training and research, and by forging relationships with diverse other actors and institutions to widen opportunities and understanding for the nation’s young people. 

With the British Council, MYEN partners in 10 locations implement projects, undertake research and cultivate relationships aimed at expanding the reach and improving the quality of skills development opportunities for young people. With attention on the barriers to access that marginalise certain groups and communities, and by using the British Council’s resource and experience in English, education and arts, community-based education becomes more inclusive. 

MYEN and the British Council harness the resilience and commitment of Myanmar’s youth and civil society to promote sustainable, equitable social development. 

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