Mat Wright

Next Steps Myanmar is the first in a series of ‘deep dive’ enquiries into issues raised by the Next Generation research. The study examines how young people organise when they pursue social and political change and aims to better understand their changing relationship to social activism and political participation. 

Next Generation found that parental influence, conventions around age and self-censorship were stubborn constraints on young people’s political participation, despite their enthusiasm to take part. However, changing social and political practices, new technologies, outside influence and the emergence of new identities are reshaping youth social and political participation in Myanmar.

The Next Step study explores this change in an inclusive and representative way, based on the specific experiences of individuals and paying attention to issues of gender, social status, religion and ethnicity, and to the type of change they want to see in Myanmar. 

British Council and VSO Myanmar are delighted to introduce Next Steps Myanmar, with the support of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development office. Research was undertaken by Conflict Management Consulting, in close consultation with a task force of young people from across Myanmar. 

For more information about Next Steps Myanmar please contact Mi Mi Myo Win

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