Ei Pwint Rhi Zan

I have been doing social enterprise without knowing it was and after i joining this class, i have learned a lot and applied every single lessons at our company (Third Story Children Books) right away. Obviously we got 1st winner of Young Social Entrepreneur Award 2016 and we are always proud of being social enterprise and we are grateful to this program. 

Min Han Tun

Since the beginning of the Social Enterprise Consultancy program, we were guided by experienced trainers and consultants to become consultants within short period of time. The training program was compact and well-organized for us to build our consultancy skillsets, techniques and mentality of consultants. We then combined the new skillsets and our own experience to help social enterprises with their operational and strategic problems. I enjoyed this program because it was challenging and our consulting teams were helping solve the real-world problems faced by the social enterprises in the community. And it is very satisfying to see our work has some impact on their organizations. I believe in social enterprises as a sustainable solution to many social problems, and I am very proud to be part of a team that is supporting these enterprises.

Honey Myint Thaung

Social Enterprise Consultancy Programme is well paced with a good balance of class and practical activities with the real organizations. As consultants, we have to convey the innovative approaches to solve the difficulties of the existing social enterprises in Myanmar. This is indeed a great way of learning trough practicing. No doubt that this is an excellent opportunity for me not only to exercise my business skill and knowledge for the community goods but also to grow myself professionally. I take great delight in being part of the helping hands to the community together with British Council.

Naw Thet Thet Tun 

I am able to get a lot of knowledge and experiences from Social Enterprise Consultancy Program as my previous experiences are more from Private Sector. I am getting to know that Social Enterprise is one of the sectors can be contributed in our country development. Business can be linked for local development and positive social impact. It is eye opening program that guided to be able to think the fair way of doing business, able to detect the negative externalities of some businesses and now able to consult to the Social Enterprises to avoid those practices. I also could share social impact and preservation on the health and beauty of our Earth in many ways. SE Program of British Council is one of the forces that make me work for practical development. 

Hla Win May Oo

If having social impacts in what you pursue is your passion, this programme is for you since it will help you to achieve it in a better way. Plus, this programme will equip you well with theories and practices to be able to provide business consultancy to those social enterprises to be able to make better social impacts.

Thu Kywe Khant Soe

Social Enterprise Consultancy training help me put my dream of helping people into reality. The sense of philanthropy is not enough. We need a regular income. I found out that the answer for the provision of sustainable support on the necessary things for the community instead of donation is the concept of social enterprise. By attending the Social Enterprise Consultancy training I got a chance to meet with like-minded friends, people and organisations who are working hard to meet the community needs and also get the necessary skills to work practically. Therefore, I will contribute as much as I can to the development of social enterprises in order to solve the social economic problems in Myanmar.

Nang Aye Mya Han Tun

The Social Enterprise consultancy programme has enabled me to polish and utilise my existing abilities as well as to develop new skills and experience through the trainings and practical consultancy projects. The programme was quite intensive yet offered a wide range of professional and personal development opportunities. It was such a pleasure working with mentor consultants and fellow participants from diverse backgrounds, learning and experiencing Myanmar Social Enterprises on the ground, and getting a chance to contribute to the development of Social Enterprises in Myanmar.

Soe Myar

British Council’s Skills for Entrepreneurs Programme is a great initiative offering training to produce high calibre social entrepreneurs in Myanmar. This programme hits multiple birds with one stone by learning through hands-on experience working on real-world exposure, developing ourselves in well-equipped professional training environment by inspiring mentors. Most rewardingly, the training colleagues helped us extend the channels for our global/ local business networks.

Myo Khin

It was the great learning opportunity to attend the Social Enterprise Consultancy Course provided by the British Council. The training covers the theory and practical skill related to business planning, marketing and financial planning. In addition to that I gained the real experience by visiting the existing Social Enterprise Business. 

I am confident that by attending the Social Enterprise Consultancy program, we can work productively and achieve the desired outcome. I would recommend attending the Social Enterprise Consultant Course no matter how experienced or skilled, it can contribute to the positive changes in Myanmar.

Wah Wah Min

Social enterprises offer benefits for communities beyond their sole business purposes such as human resource development, contributions to the good of society. It can also contribute to the economic development of the country. I am very proud to be a part of SE consultancy team to share my knowledge and experience for developing Social Enterprise in Myanmar. Moreover, we have gained valuable knowledge through training, workshop and seminars provided by the British Council and appreciate very much the opportunities to work with experienced senior consultants and helpful colleagues.

Myo Than Tun

 As I have always been interested in the social development programmes and when I learnt that the social enterprises offer social solutions using business models I decided to join this programme. I had recently had an opportunity to visit and learn about the successful Social Enterprises in UK. When I witnessed their impact on the society, the culture and environment and especially on the youth, I gain more interest in the social enterprises. In the transition period of a developing country like Myanmar I believe that the social enterprises be provide support in many ways. Therefore I will try my best to provide better consultancy to the social enterprises. I would also encourage to those who are interested to join this programme and contribute to the positive changes in Myanmar.

Thin Zar Maung

It is very great opportunity for me to be part of this Social Enterprise Consultancy as we were trained not only with theories but also in practical ways. Moreover, even now having chance of ongoing practical consultancy works to various businesses in community and expend our knowledge and network throughout our colleagues who are from diverse backgrounds. So, this good work should be extended to help more social enterprises by participating more new endeavours.

Ngun Za Hmung

The training was very inspirational, energising, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge of MSMEs in Myanmar together with case studies and excellent trainer, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented. The practical consultancy field works were very useful and helpful for me. Everyone can benefit from this, no matter how experienced or skilled.

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Wai Yan Soe

Providing of SE Consultancy course by the British Council was extremely beneficial for the future of our developing nation and I feel proud to be part of the British Council to help unlocked the knowledge of those needed, especially the social enterprises in the rural regions of Myanmar. 

Khaing Khaing Win Thein

The duty of a Social Enterprise consultant is to help the social enterprises use the business skills appropriately. I am very proud to be selected as a part of the programme as I was not only able to learn those required business skills such as business planning, SWOT analysis, marketing principles, financial skills but also get a chance to give consultancy to businesses practically.