We support Burma’s education sector through working in partnership with the Ministry of Education and enabling access to the UK's experience and expertise in priority areas of education reform. 

We organise international policy dialogues in Burma, bringing together key stakeholders and creating a platform to engage with British education institutions and organisations, national bodies, consultants and other international experts. 

We arrange study tours to the UK for high-level decision makers to familiarise themselves with how the UK sector operates and to raise awareness in the UK of Burma's education sector.

Through our education activities, we aim to build long term, trusting relationships and partnerships between the UK and Burma. 

We extend our support by enabling education policy makers to attend regional education policy dialogues and international conferences. We help ensure Burmese participation in key global events such as the Education World Forum and the British Council's annual conference Going Global.

Report: Policy insights for HE - recommendations for Myanmar

In May 2013, a delegation representing each of the parliamentary Committees and led by Dr Myo Myint (then the MoE’s Deputy Minister, and soon after Acting Minister, until the appointment of the new Minister of Education in February 2014) undertook a ten-day study tour of British higher education bodies and institutions. The tour culminated in a Policy Dialogue – Policy Insights into Higher Education: Recommendations for Myanmar – held in London and supported by the University of London, which explored the challenges of higher education reform. The report of the tour and the first Policy Dialogue is available here. 

Report: Empowering higher education in Myanmar universities

Following the May 2013 Study Tour to the UK by a Myanmar government delegation, the British Council organised and delivered Empowering Higher Education – A Vision for Myanmar’s Universities, a second Policy Dialogue which took place in Naypyitaw on 29-30 June 2013. This second dialogue brought the initiatives described above together with an aim to deepen the consultation in the spirit of the Naypyitaw Accord. Empowering Higher Education, organised by the British Council with support from ADB, AusAID and UNESCO, was set out to define a contemporary vision for the sector, based on national priorities. The outcomes of this meeting, which was attended by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Dr Myo Myint, a number of international speakers and consultants involved in the CESR and a wide range of Burmese stakeholders from the HE sector, will help to inform policy and planning as Burma continues to push ahead with its ambitions and efforts in education reform. The report of the Empowering Higher Education Policy Dialogue is available here. 

Report: Turning policy into action - UK-Myanmar partnership

University of London – Future Directions for Higher Education in Myanmar: Turning Policy into Action Policy Dialogue (Yangon, 28 & 29 October 2013) This event in Yangon was the follow up to the Policy Dialogue organised by the British Council in May 2013 (supported by the UoL), which explored the challenges of higher education reform. This first Policy Dialogue was organised as part of a ten-day study tour of a delegation representing each of the parliamentary Committees (led by the MoE’s Deputy Minister). This high-level symposium built on some of the extensive work already undertaken and further investigated future directions for higher education in Burma, with Burmese and UK perspectives strongly featured. A key focus of the event was to consider practical measures and solutions that will support local reform in the sector. A report of this event is available here.

Report: What is the role of the ASEAN University?

From national industry to regional player to global system: What is the role of the ASEAN University? This report summarises the Global Education Dialogue held in Myanmar in July 2014 that brought together leaders, key policy makers and influencers to debate the challenges and opportunities facing higher education in Myanmar, East Asia and beyond. 


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