The Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) comprises a range of modular teaching qualifications designed to assess your expertise in distinct aspects of English language teaching. This program not only aids in building your confidence but also provides a cost-effective pathway to obtain an internationally recognized qualification.

Whether you're a novice in the field or boast years of teaching experience, TKT is tailored for individuals seeking to substantiate their teaching knowledge with a globally recognized certificate. The flexibility of choosing and completing modules at your own pace allows you to customize your learning experience.

Upon completion of each module, you will be awarded a Cambridge English certificate, showcasing your proficiency in English language education.

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Who should take this exam? 

TKT gives you an internationally accepted qualification that proves your language-teaching abilities. The qualification is suitable if you are a new teacher and want to build your confidence and skills, or if you are an experienced teacher and want to specialise in a certain area, or are starting to teach English for the first time. 

TKT is also a good foundation if you want to study for a further qualification in teaching English, such as the CELTA or Delta. 

You don’t need any formal English qualifications to take the test.

TKT is designed for:

  • Both new and experienced teachers
  • Teachers with an English proficiency level of B1 or higher
  • Teachers working with primary, secondary, or adult learners
  • Teachers seeking to proof their teaching expertise
  • Those in need of a globally recognized certification.

What modules are available?

You can choose to take any of the TKT modules in combination or on their own. 

Core modules 1-3

  • TKT Module 1: Background to language teaching
  • TKT Module 2: Planning for language teaching
  • TKT Module 3: Classroom management

Specialist modules

  • TKT Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  • TKT Young Learners (YL)

Each module consists of 80 questions and lasts 80 minutes.

Results for exams are available two weeks after you take the exam. There is no pass or fail and your result will be indicated by a band score. Band 1 is the weakest, indicating you have restricted knowledge and skills in that area, and band 4 is the strongest, indicating extensive knowledge and skill.

Test Dates

  • Test date : Wednesday, 24th July 2024
  • Registration Link  :
  • Registration Period : 9th May 2024 to 23rd May 2024

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