This summer, let your child have an exciting time learning with our expert teachers and fun curriculum.

Benefits of Summer Intensive Course (Starts 25th March 2024)

A unique holiday course that is creative, fun, interesting, and develops core skills that can fill time during holidays. Our teachers use unique materials to craft lessons that engage young minds and motivate learning. 

  • Lessons that improve language and communication skills and promote cultural understanding in students
  • Allows students to take ownership over their learning and provide clear opportunities for students to practice language and develop skills.
  • Students gain real sense of progress by reflecting at the end of the lesson on their progress which is valuable for the student’s growth as well as for parents to keep track of their child’s progress.


Course information

  • Course delivery – Face to face classroom learning at British Council, 78 Kanna Road, Kyauktada Tsp.,Yangon.
  • Course pattern – Weekdays only, starting Monday, 25th March 2024 till Thursday, 11th April 2024 
  • Teaching hours – 26 hours (2 hours per day) 
  • Age range – 7 to 15 years 
  • Levels – Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary (*No placement test, placed by age)
  • Course fees – 380,000 MMK


Kids learning with the world's English experts will:

  • have a more rewarding learning experience and get the most out of learning English in summer
  • improve their English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills with engaging, high-quality English courses designed and taught by experts
  • have space to deepen their understanding of English and improve their grammar and vocabulary
  • develop leadership, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in a relaxed, safe environment where they can be themselves
  • work in teams or pairs to practise speaking, problem-solving and collaborating on projects with a focus on real-world topics like the natural world and the environment.