We know that language learning is most effective when learners enjoy themselves and participate fully in lessons. We also know that children learn best when their parents are interested and involved in their learning.

How we teach

We will

  • teach your child with our exclusive English courses for children that nurture a love of learning English and add stories, games, songs, drama, and other fun activities
  • introduce real-world topics with stimulating materials and magazines featuring interesting real-world topics and fun characters are designed to spark children's imaginations, nurture their curiosity and keep them engaged
  • encourage the development of real-world practical like skills such as leadership, creativity, team work and collaboration through projects-based learning
  • create a relaxed, supportive and inclusive environment where every child can be themselves
  • combine immersive lessons with interactive guided learning on the learning hub that is set by our expert teachers to bring out the best in your child and motivate independent learning

Assessment and progress

We want to give your child the confidence to go out into the world and be themselves. Our teachers give them the support they need at every age – to try new things, think for themselves, and turn mistakes into triumphs. As they complete various activities, learners self and peer assess, to see their progress. Parents can also keep track of their child’s learning on the learning hub.

Our assessments are projects-based. We use these to evaluate your child’s language (vocabulary and grammar), language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and life skills when they use English to communicate with others.  

Our teachers prepare semester reports for parents. We encourage parents to contact our Sales and Customer Management team at any time for information about their child’s progress or to discuss concerns with the Young Learner academic team. We believe the learning is enhanced by parental involvement and active collaboration with our teachers.  All learners completing our final term receive an end-of-course certificate of achievement. 

A positive learning environment – our behaviour policy

Our classes have a relaxed, supportive, and inclusive environment where every child can be themselves. 

We ask our learners to  

  • listen to teachers, staff, and other students
  • respect other students and staff
  • follow instructions
  • take part in class activities as best they can

Our teachers 

  • welcome and support all learners 
  • help learners participate well and collaborate with others
  • speak to learners when their behaviour is disruptive and explain to them why their behaviour is a problem. If a learner’s behaviour does not improve, we will work with parents to seek solutions.  

Keeping your child safe – our safeguarding policy

We take the safety, well-being and protection of children and adolescents very seriously, in our classrooms, when delivering online classes, and in our online or face-to-face events for Young Learners. 

We take care or you child with our 

  • drop off and collection systems
  • guidance for face-to-face classes and events
  • follow up for absent students
  • code of conduct and safeguarding training for teachers and our Young Learner Support Assistants
  • virtual guidance for teachers, parents, and students in our online classes
  • zero-tolerance for bullying
  • active responses to concerns or incidents involving our learners

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