Mat Wright

Listening to a foreign language helps you improve and remember. Reading helps to improve grammar, vocabulary and even speaking.

Strategies for Learning

  • Motivate yourself – listen and read things that you enjoy and find interesting
  • Focus on general meaning the first time you read or listen to a text
  • Do not panic if you do not understand something – persevere!
  • Study English pronunciation – this will help your listening

Ideas for Practising

  • Watch TV/Films at home in English
  • Use subtitles in English
  • Alternate 5 minutes with subtitles, then 5 minutes without, etc.
  • Listen to podcasts and videos on your device
  • Find lyrics to English songs then listen and read
  • Read easy texts – 1 level below your current level
  • Listen and read simultaneously

Notice – Look, Listen, Analyse

  • Look at English everywhere; analyse what you know and what is new for you
  • Listen actively for comprehension
  • Analyse your pronunciation by comparing it to other peoples’ pronunciation

English Everyday!

Reading and listening are easy to do and you can improve these skills any time of day!

  • Listen on everywhere you go (on the bus, at the gym...)
  • Listen at home while you are doing other things
  • Listen and read on your tablet or phone