Mat Wright

You can practise and improve your speaking and pronunciation anywhere!

Strategies for Learning

  • Do not translate – it takes too much time and it does not work!
  • Listen actively to how other people speak

Ideas for Practising

  • Read out loud – use a graded reader or a text from your English lesson and read it out loud
  • Describe out loud – describe a picture for 2 minutes
  • Speak out loud – talk with friends or family, send audio messages in English
  • Sing out loud – find the lyrics to songs and sing
  • Revise it – revise the exercises you have done in class. Repeat them alone or with somebody]
  • Record it – record yourself talking. Use free, online recording software or an app on your phone
  • Study it – use a pronunciation book or online resources

Notice – Look, Listen, Analyse

  • Look at how English speakers use their mouth pronounce words
  • Listen carefully and a lot – listening can help with your speaking
  • Analyse your pronunciation by comparing it to other peoples’ pronunciation