Every summer, students have an exciting time learning in British Council Summer Intensive courses. Our teachers use unique materials to craft lessons which engage learners and motivate learning.

Benefits of Summer Intensive Course 

  • New language presented by stories with a clear context. Students can experience and interact with the concepts which will help the students with better understanding.
  • A distinct holiday course that is creative, fun, interesting, and develops core skills that can fill time during holidays.
  • Allows students to take ownership over their learning and provide clear opportunities for students to practice language and develop skills.
  • Students gain a real sense of progress by reflecting at the end of the lesson on their progress which is valuable for the students growth as well as for parents to keep track of child’s progress.

Course information

  • Course delivery & pattern

    •  Online (*Interactive live classes with teacher and classmates)
    • Weekdays (starting on 28 March 2022)
    • Weekends (starting on 26 March 2022) 
  • Teaching hours

    •  12 hours (2 hours per day)
  • Age range & levels

    •  7 to 15 years 
    • Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary (*No placement test; placed by age) 
  • Course fees

    • Course fees – 150,000MMK 
    • Early registration discounted fees – 120,000MMK (*For registrations before 28 Feb 2022)