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Access our digital library from anywhere in Myanmar. As a member of the British Council Digital library, you will have world class resources at the tip of your fingers, from online study resources to popular eBooks and audiobooks, and award winning movies and documentaries.

And that’s not all: digital membership gives you access to magazines and newspapers, comics and graphics novels from around the world, learning resources to develop your skills and access to exclusive content from our partners in the UK.

Members of our Digital Library have full access to all the following learning and entertainment resources. 

Road to IELTS (Full Version)

Road to IELTS is the British Council’s comprehensive, 100% online IELTS preparation course. This includes over 300 interactive activities, 13 videos giving advice and tutorials, 36 practice tests - everything you need to get a great IELTS score! 

Magazines and newspapers

We have over 3,000 newspapers and 4,000 magazines from across the globe, with publications for fans of current affairs, technology, business and finance and magazines for kids.

eBooks and audiobooks

Read or listen to thousands of books, from fiction to plays, non-fiction and self-development.  

Movies and documentaries

Watch 7,000 high-quality shorts, features, documentaries, classic TV shows and webseries and experience the thrill of live performance brought directly to your home and watch full-length musical concerts on-demand.

Comics and graphic novels

Read more than 147 comics titles including Spider Man, Avengers, and X-Men, Transformers, G.I. Joe Star Trek, and Ghostbusters on your mobile phone, pc, tablets and laptops. 

Academic books

Ebook Central offers authoritative information and eBooks from trusted publishers in all academic subject areas along with powerful research tools.

Hoonuit video-based software training

How-to training on hundreds of common software applications and devices, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Docs, and iPad.

Membership Fee

Digital Library

MMK 30,000 per year (Register before 30 September 2019 and get MMK 10,000 discount)

Library Plus

Please register for Library Plus membership if you would like to access library in Yangon as well as digital library.

  • MMK 50,000 per year in Yangon
  • MMK 40,000 per year in Mandalay (Register before 30 September 2019 in Mandalay and get MMK 5,000 discount)

Digital Library Orientation

We conduct orientation sessions for digital library regularly. Our upcoming digital library orientation sessions here. Members and non-members can register by contacting our library at 95 (1) 370933 (Ext. 3316) or library.enquiries@mm.britishcouncil.org if you want to join one of the sessions. Please bring your library member card or ID card or passport to enter the British Council premises.