Our Library and Information Centre is the best place to start finding out everything you need to know about the United Kingdom (UK). With us you can enjoy an extensive range of books or films, or improve your English which can help you to take internationally recognised UK exams.

Our members have access to over 30,000 books, 3000 DVDs, popular UK newspapers, magazines and journals, along with live television news from the BBC and a free Wi-Fi service. For young learners, we have the most comprehensive children’s library in the country.

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday : 8:30am - 7:30pm (New member registration is accepted till 7:00pm)

Facilities: Cafe in the library and on first floor

Location and contact details

78, Kanna Road, Kyauktada Township
Telephone: 95 (1) 370933, 370944, 370829, 370830 Ext. 3316
E-mail: library.enquiries@mm.britishcouncil.org

Self-access centre

This is the most comprehensive language study centre in Rangoon. The centre is open to all library members and the Teaching Centre students.

There are over 5,000 titles of listening materials as well as a great collection of reference books on English grammar, language skills and Cambridge exam preparation.

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