Once you have decided what kind of membership option (see below) is best suited to you, to join our library all you need to do is submit:

  • Proof of identity (student identity card or National Registration Card). Teaching Centre students need to show a valid British Council Student card
  • relevant membership fee (see table below)
  • a completed library application form (download a copy below or pick up a printed version from the library)

We only accept payment by card, bank transfer and mobile banking (AYA bank only) during library opening hours.

Membership options

It’s easy to join the library. Just choose the type of membership most convenient to your needs.


  • borrow 5 books/periodical at a time for a period of 2 weeks
  • borrow 5 DVDs and 2 audio CDs for 2 weeks 
  • use free Wi-Fi for Internet access

Individual - MMK 30,000

Teacher Centre Student - FREE (**All students from our Teaching Centre can join our library free of charge as well as use the Self-access Centre and Internet service.)


  • borrow 15 books and 3 DVDs at a time for period of 2 weeks
  • borrow 2 audio CDs
  • up to 3 persons can use the library
  • use free Wi-Fi and children terminals for Internet access

Family - MMK 50,000


  • borrow 35 books/periodicals at a time for period of 2 weeks
  • Borrow 10 DVDs and 2 audio CDs 
  • use free Wi-Fi for Internet access

Corporate - MMK 150,000


  • access to our reading facilities
  • use the Self-access Centre 
  • use free Wi-Fi and public terminals for Internet access

Express - MMK 10,000