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Our Library and Information Centre is the best place to start finding out everything you need to know about the United Kingdom (UK). With us you can enjoy an extensive range of books or films, or improve your English which can help you to take internationally recognised UK exams.

Our members have access to over 30,000 books, 3000 DVDs, popular UK newspapers, magazines and journals, along with live television news from the BBC and a free Wi-Fi service. For young learners, we have the most comprehensive children’s library in the country. Please check our online library catalogue here.

Self-Access Centre with over 5,000 titles of listening materials as well as a great collection of reference books on English grammar, language skills and Cambridge exam preparation, is open to all library members and the Teaching Centre students.

Membership options

It’s easy to join the library. Just choose the type of membership most convenient to your needs.


  • borrow 5 books/periodical at a time for a period of 2 weeks
  • borrow 5 DVDs and 2 audio CDs for 2 weeks 
  • use the Self-access Centre and free Wi-Fi for Internet access

Individual - MMK 30,000 per year

Teacher Centre Students - FREE (**All students from our Teaching Centre can join our library free of charge as well as use the Self-access Centre and Internet service.)


  • borrow 15 books and 3 DVDs at a time for period of 2 weeks
  • borrow 2 audio CDs
  • up to 3 persons can use the library (1 person must be under 18 years old.)
  • use free Wi-Fi and children terminals for Internet access

Family - MMK 50,000 per year


Online - MMK 30,000 per year


  • borrow 5 books/periodical at a time for a period of 2 weeks
  • borrow 5 DVDs and 2 audio CDs for 2 weeks 
  • use the Self-access Centre and free Wi-Fi for Internet access
  • get full access to digital resources. Find out more

Library Plus - MMK 50,000 per year

How to become a library member in Yangon

Once you have decided what kind of membership option is best suited to you, to join our library all you need to do is: 

  • Fill up online application form here and an automatic email will be sent to you with payment instruction. If you are visiting our libraries, our library staff and volunteers are ready to help you with membership application process. Please bring your National Registration Card or passport to enter the British Council premises.
  • Bring your registration receipt if you are a Teaching Centre student. 

We accept payments by bank transfer at any AYA banks, MPU and Visa card payments (during library opening hours) as well as mobile banking (bill payment). 

Library Orientation

We conduct orientation sessions for library regularly. Please check the next sessions here. Members and non-members can register by contacting our library at 95 (1) 370933 (Ext. 3316) or library.enquiries@mm.britishcouncil.org if you want to join one of the sessions. Please bring your library member card or ID card or passport to enter the British Council premises.

Join our library orientation session where we will tell you:

  • How to use RFID machine (self check-in/out)
  • Library membership fees and new opening hours
  • How our books are arranged
  • How to use the Self-access Centre (listening room)
  • How to use our online resources and other useful tips

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 8.30 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. 

Facilities: Cafe in the library and on the first floor

Note: To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, we limit the number of customers at any one time. Therefore, library members need to make an appointment first by calling +95 9 777001830.

Location and Contact Details

Address: 78, Kanna Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon
Telephone: 95 (1) 370933, 370944, 370829, 370830 Ext. 3316
Digital library hotline - 09777001830
E-mail: library.enquiries@mm.britishcouncil.org


Our library usually organises public events as well as exclusive events for members including workshops, seminars and exhibitions. You can find details of our upcoming events here.